Oleksii Dorychevskyi
Dramaturg, Ukraine, Kyiv
Actor, director, playwright. Born in Kyiv.

In 2013, graduated from Kiev National University of Theater, Film and Television as an actor.

Has more than 20 actor's works in various theater projects.

His dramaturgical texts were short-listed at the festivals "Week of Acute Plays" and "Lubimovka".

In 2015, together with playwrights Elvin Rzayev, Khrystina Khomenko and Lena Roman, created the play "Legends from Severo". The performance was staged at the Luhansk Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater.

In 2016, together with Andrey May, he created the text "The Abduction of Europa", staged at the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theater.

Director of independent theater projects, including performances staged together with Igor Bilyts. Two performances were produced in 2018 at the Wild Theater.

Founder of the Osten-Sacken Off-Stage Festival.